Central Council for Financial Services Information E-Mail Service (New Registration)

Please follow the procedures below to register for the "Central Council for Financial Services Information E-Mail Service."

Fill in the form below, then click the "Confirm provisional registration" button.
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Upon reception of your provisional registration, an e-mail notice asking you to make the regular registration will be sent to you.
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Please note: The e-mail service will not start unless you make the regular registration within one week after you receive the e-mail notice.
Your provisional registration will be cancelled automatically if you do not complete regular registration within one week.
Your regular registration is completed, and the e-mail service will start.

Other than cases in which the registered data are used by the Central Council for reference purposes in preparing its web site,
the Central Council will use such data only for the purposes of providing the service.
The Central Council will not provide any information to any third parties without appropriate consent; however, the Central Council will make disclosures of such data or information if required to do so by applicable law.

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